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    Massage is a treatment to relax the body and improve blood circulation. The word comes from the French word "massage," which means "friction of kneading" and the Greek word "masso," meaning "to handle, touch, or work with hands." Massage therefore involves applying pressure with the hands on the body. This pressure can be structured or unstructured and stationary or mobile based on the style.

    Massage can promote not only relaxation but also well-being by reducing stress, pain, anxiety and/or depression. Studies show that it can temporarily reduce blood pressure and heart rate in some cases. Also, massage may result in an improved and expedited recovery of muscles after strenuous activities.

    Body Massage Treatment

    Spa involves cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating the skin on your body. The most popular treatment is a body scrub, sometimes called a body polish, salt glow or sea-salt scrub. Spa is also used for detoxification of the skin. Spa also includes complete massage (as described above).

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