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    Clean Up is performed to unclog pores and let your skin breathe.Clean up is useful for most people (regardless of age) and particularly relevant for those below 25 years of age. Clean up is a shorter version of facial, involving a cleanser, a scrub or a peel (one of them), a massage and a face pack.

    Silver Clean Up, Gold Clean Up, and Diamond Clean Ups differ in the brand of products they use. Silver uses Lotus or similar, Gold uses O3, Sheryl or similar, Diamond uses Dermalogica or similar products.

    Facial is a procedure involving a variety of skin treatments (depending on package), including: steam, exfoliation, extraction, creams, lotions, peels, facial masks (different types for different packages and purposes: deep-cleansing by penetrating the pores; healing acne scars or hyper-pigmentation; brightening for a gradual illumination of the skin tone), and massage, for general skin health. A facial involves a cleansing routine, a scrub or peel, face and neck massages, a face pack and a back massage.

    Silver Facial, Gold Facial, and Diamond Facials differ in the brand of products they use.Silver uses Lotus or similar, Gold uses O3, Sheryl or similar, and Diamond uses Dermalogica or similar products.

    Revitalizing Facial is a treatment that works on improving and restoring skin's elasticity by hydrating and revitalizing the same. After this facial, complexion clears up and the skin looks rejuvenated and smooth.

    Brightening Facial is a treatment that brings a glow and shine to the skin by rendering a translucently clear complexion. By removing dullness of the skin and dark spots, skin looks luminous and refined.


    Facial Benefits:

    • Skin is cleansed and exfoliated
    • Facial impurities are removed
    • Blood circulation is increased
    • Skin is lifted, toned, relaxed


    A facial is all about improving and maintaining facial skin condition using a variety of treatment. Before a facial is performed, the beautician identifies the client's skin type and her expectations from a facial. Armed with this data, the beautician works to improve the texture and appearance of the client's skin and tries to reduce any minor and superficial imperfections of the skin to sooth and glow the skin.

    Face Cleanup

    1. Remove make-up from the eyes and lips with a make-up remover, dampen cotton wool with the product and place it over the eyes. Leave it to act on the eyes for a while. Meanwhile, wipe any remaining make-up away. Repeat, if necessary, until all of the make-up is completely removed.

    2. Examine the skin with a magnifying glass or a woods lamp to determine if the skin is oily, dry, a combination of both, dehydrated or has pigmentation. This will inform the facial treatment.

    3. Continue with deep cleansing to remove debris and dead skin cells, excess oil, as well as to open up any blocked pores. Massage the skin with a friction movement for two to three minutes on each of the concerned areas. Clean the skin after words to complete preparation of the area.

    4. Perform a specialist corrective treatment for any specific skin condition by applying ampoule until completely absorbed by skin, encouraging the active ingredients to remain on the skin.

    5. Apply the mask with the help of a brush all over the face and neck and leave it on for ten minutes. Remove the mask along with plenty of water and hydrate the skin with tonic.

    6. For improved effect on the affected area, apply serum and massage it into the skin until completely absorbed. This should be applied before the massage mentioned in Step 3.

    7. Facial massage afterwardsoffers relaxation and stimulates blood and lymph circulation.

    8. Mask lightens, relaxes and coolsthe skin. Apply the mask and leave it on for around fifteen minutes. Remove the mask afterwards and clean the remaining residue with plain water.

    9. Completethe treatment with a daily protection cream. Apply a small amount to the face and neck and allow them to absorb the same. Do not expose the treated skin to sun for a while.

    10. Special care must be taken when performing facial (especially massage) for pregnant women.


    Bleach is used to hide unwanted facial hair by bring its colour closer to the skin tone, thereby making facial hair less visible from a distance. This treatment can make the skin sensitive. So, bleach should not be used before facial or clean up or any other skin treatment. Also, bleach treatment is not suitable for sensitive skin, acne prone skin, skin with redness, or pregnant women.

    Bleach treatment should be used only occasionally and preferably not more than once in 3 months.